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U.S. Federal Courts

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U.S. Federal Courts
By:"John Okray"
Published on 2010 by Lawyerup Press

U.S. Federal Courts: Attorney Admission Requirements provides a comprehensive analysis of the specific attorney admission requirements of over 200 federal courts. Coverage includes the Supreme Court, courts of appeals, district courts, bankruptcy courts, bankruptcy appellate panels, subject-matter specific courts, military courts, territorial courts, and courts of the freely associated states. Topics include reciprocity, whether state bar membership is required for specific district courts, admission fees, renewal requirements, examinations, experience prerequisites, sponsors, certificates of good standing, pro hac vice admission, which courts allow non-attorneys or attorneys licensed in foreign countries to become members, specialty bar associations and more. Contact information for each court is included. While one might be inclined to think the rules for bar admission across the U.S. federal court system would be uniform, this is simply not the case. In some federal courts an attorney can be admitted in a matter of days with minimal effort and little to no expense. Other courts have established independent examinations, initial and recurring fees, sponsorship requirements, etc. Anyone considering a multijurisdictional federal practice will find the information extremely useful.

This Book was ranked 6 by Google Books for keyword attorney.

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