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Building Material Estimates and Rates Build Up

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Building Material Estimates and Rates Build Up
By:"Moremi Mareka"
Published on 2009-05-29 by Xlibris Corporation

The script is entitled “Building Estimates and Rates Build Up” .and aims at empowering Technical educators, Technical, Brigades and Community colleges’ students, Apprentices and individuals in the building profession with the necessary skill and knowledge. As an experienced professional in the building industry, quantity surveyor( building material estimator) and a former lecturer for technical colleges, I have realized that there is need to come up with a book that will help students, apprentices and individual builders to easily understand the subject of estimating and rates build up to enable them to apply the skill whenever they have projects. Currently, individual builders, apprentices, and students find it difficult to correctly and accurately estimate the quantities of materials required for proposed projects .Pricing is also a difficult task for most of them as they do not have an idea of how to build up rates. Presently our brigades and technical colleges do not have a relevant book to deal with Estimates. Building Estimates and Rates build up provides a solution to such a problem. The book provides a solution in that it brings together pure mathematics and practical estimation, to avoid a situation whereby students end up failing to realize that the same formulas that are used in Mathematics (math) are applicable in the estimates. I strongly believe that the book will be able to even penetrate the international market.

This Book was ranked 13 by Google Books for keyword Build.

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